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1989 Ford F-250 Custom

7.5-Liter V8
4-Speed Manual


Imagine walking into your local Ford dealer now, and opting for the same options the original owner of this OBS did. Single Cab ✓ Long Bed ✓ 5-Speed ✓ 4x4 ✓ Big ol’ gasser 460CI ✓ Beige (Oh yeahhhhh) ✓ Now that’s a truck… Nothing you don’t need and everything you do. Sadly, this array of options is no longer possible. Oh, and good luck finding an F-250 that isn’t on the spectrum of fully-loaded. Ferd doesn’t like those. Big MSRPs on big trucks is the only way. The OBS (Old Body Style) holds a special place in our hearts. Classic body, robust everything, easy and cheap to repair. This is no beat-up old truck. The paint shows well, the interior presents extremely nicely, and the lift, wheels and tires are beyond beefy. Coming to BaT soon.

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