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1995 BMW M3

3.0-Liter Inline-Six
Five-Speed Manual


What does a 996 911 and a US Spec E36 M3 have in common? That is, beside being a 6-cylinder German sports car. Undoubtably, both the 996 911 and the E36 M3 were outshined by their younger and older siblings—the awkward middle child. Sandwiched between the objectively special, homologated and motorsport-ready E30 M3 and the handsome, 8k RPM-revving E46 M3; The E36 mostly holds a special place in hearts of nostalgic 90’s kids and hardcore weekend racers. And although the E36 M3 isn’t the most loved of the M3 sisters, BMW—like the 996 relation to the 993–was able to sell significantly more than the previous generation, thus making the E36 M3 a success in the eyes of the Bavarians. CURRUS Autos is happy to present this special first-year E36 M3 in Alpine White lll over Black. This particular example will be sold with every maintenance record, modification receipt, and detailed pilot-like log from the first owner (definitely OCD), the second owner (likely OCD) and the current owner (a CURRUS founder). To improve the performance of what was already touted as the “Best-Handling Car” in MY 1997, this car has been equipped with TC Kline coilovers, thicker sway bars, 8.5” LTW wheels, a shorter-drive LSD, and a few other go-fast bolt-ons. Can you guess the mileage? It may surprise you.

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