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1997 Mercedes-Benz SL500

5.0-Liter M119 V8
Five-Speed Automatic


This particular black/black example sports 68k miles and checks all the boxes for the R129 enthusiast: earlier car with the higher revving & more powerful M119 V8 engine (only available until ’98), optioned with the Sport Package, plus the rare-to-find Panoramic Roof. A multi-stage paint correction was performed in preparation for the sale. Growing up in the ‘90s, the R129-generation SL holds a particular sweet spot in our hearts. Same goes, it would seem, for its famous designer, Mercedes-Benz visionary Bruno Sacco, who has called the R129 his “most perfect car.” Replacing the long-standing R107-gen SL after a nearly 20-year production run, the R129-gen brought significant technological advances, including a roll bar that would automatically deploy in less than half a second, antilock brakes, dual-front airbags, power-operated seats, and traction-control/limited-slip differential on ‘91+ model years. The R129 also continued to offer ultimate flexibility, coming standard with both a power-controlled removable hardtop, plus an automatic soft-top underneath. To this day, the R129 proves to be an excellent luxury sport cruiser and, with its beefy hips yet somehow sleek overall styling, exudes classic sophistication.

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