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29-Years-Owned 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SEL

2.8-Liter Inline-Six
Four-Speed Automatic
89k, TMU


This stunningly classic 2.8-liter sedan has always been under CA ownership (only 3 total owners) since brand new. Our client, the 3rd owner, acquired the vehicle in 1994, and subsequently performed a year-plus long, $35k restoration by well-known Mercedes-Benz restorer, JG Francis @ Mercedes Motoring, in 2011. Post-restoration, extensive servicing/upkeep was maintained – predominantly by German Motors, which most recently serviced the vehicle in May ‘23. Additionally, in preparation for the sale, a brake fluid flush was performed, and new Vredestein Sprint Classic tires were mounted. The condition, classic color combination, exclusively CA ownership/low number of owners, restoration history, and extensive service records/documentation, makes this particular example, a true standout.

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