Currus Autos was founded by lifelong automotive enthusiasts who discovered the power and reach of collector car auction websites. In 2016, Currus Autos founders successfully sold their first vehicle–a one-owner Datsun 240Z on BringATrailer.com. With over 50 cars sold since, Currus Autos founders have perfected the art of auction preparation, presentation and management on collector car auction platforms. Today, Currus Autos offers this collective expertise through its full-service, turn-key online auction consignment offering. Fundamentally, Currus Autos specializes in maximizing the sale price of your vehicle on collector car auction websites.

Andrew Schussman (right)

Formerly a Vice President with J.P. Morgan’s Real Estate Asset Management Group, Andrew ultimately left Corporate America to pursue his lifelong passion for specialty autos. He specializes in ‘80s & ‘90s European cars, including Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and other marques. This includes a fond spot for British cars, having grown up with his dad’s ’58 MGA, as well as owning a ’67 E-Type Series 1 coupe. His all-time favorite car is the McLaren F1.

Billy Blair (LEFT)

Billy is a seasoned automotive enthusiast with specialized knowledge of ‘80s and ‘90s Porsches, BMWs, and JDM cars, trucks and SUVs. With a background in law enforcement, Billy brings a unique perspective and ethic to the world of enthusiast auto representation. He has been successfully selling vehicles on online auction platforms since 2016, leveraging his deep knowledge of autos to help buyers and sellers alike. As a third-generation automotive enthusiast, Billy's passion for cars runs deep, and he's dedicated to sharing his expertise with fellow enthusiasts and customers.